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For me the ideal Mini Expedition Mobile!

( Utility Task Vehicle / Ultimate Terrain Vehicle )


Because of the illness of my mother and my brother I will not be able to go on long expeditions in the coming years, that's why I bought a UTV.

With it, I would like to undertake at least some short journeys in Europe.

Unfortunately, I had to give up riding my motorbike because of my bad knee joints.

I must pay my tribute now for all the expeditions I have undertaken in the cold and humid climate of the north in the past.

Very nice setup for all temperatures!


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For the wintertime, I have the smaller aluminum full doors

This UTV


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is way too much fun... ;)

For me, it is nothing to race, but to travel at a reasonable pace where one can see and enjoy the scenery!  


The weight does not matter to me as it would e.g. at a rally UTV. Everything has to be extremely durable and I would like to have as much as possible with me, as always.

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

This approach has paid off for decades on my Expeditions !
I will convert the UTV now completely too my personal needs! I try to buy as much as possible, used or new old stock accessories. Good for my pocket and the environment .
I spend many, many hours on the internet to find the best deals.



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Maxxis Ceros, the way to go on tarmac & gravel !


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 Nerf Bars, alway good to have

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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

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